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Nicolò Law Firm

The Nicolò Law Firm offers judicial and extrajudicial legal assistance and consultancy to individuals and companies in the various sectors of civil law.

In the civil field, he deals with situations related to the protection of real rights (property, possession, servitude, condominium usucaption, neighborhood relationships, assistance in real estate sales), credit rights (debt collection, appeals for injunctions and evictions for arrears or after the lease, compensation for damages also deriving from road accidents), and assistance in the field of mediation and assisted negotiation.

In the field of family law he follows consensual separations and

judicial, divorces, protection of minors: it also offers legal protection in matters of succession, donations, disqualification, interdiction and appointment of support administrators.

Studio Legale Nicolò also provides consultancy and legal assistance in the field of labor law: in the corporate sector it provides consultancy to companies in contracts and assistance in bankruptcy proceedings.

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